Best Hair Colors for Review and Buying Guide Updated 2019

From the early age, mankind uses color to decorate their faces or hairs. When they didn’t have the synthetic colors, they used natural colors from various plants/trees. But the science is continuously changing our life. Now we have synthetic color for a makeover. When we use color on our hair it called hair dye. Hair dry was invented to give the elders a comparatively younger look. But we take it as a style element. As the hair dye mostly made of synthetic material, you have to be careful about choosing a perfect hair dye. We can help you with this. Yes! We reviewed some best hair dyes for you.

Comparison Table of  Hair Colors for 2019

L’Oreal Paris Hair Color

Product Dimensions

2.8 x 3.5 x 6.5 inches

Shipping Weight

10.4 ounces

Arctic Fox Hair Dye

Product Dimensions

2 x 2 x 6.8 inches

Shipping Weight

7.8 ounces

L’Oreal Paris Hair Color. (natural brown)

Product Dimensions

2.3 x 3.5 x 6.2 inches

Shipping Weight

9.6 ounces

1. L’Oreal Paris Hair Color

This hair color is blended by L’Oreal master colorist to give you a classy look. It's revolutionary power shimmer conditioner hydrates the hair for a long time so that your hair doesn’t get wrecked.

Features at a Glance:-

  • Multi-faced shimmering color.
  • Brilliant results with 3x highlights.
  • Power shades are infused with an extra shot of pure dye.

What we like:-

  • Power shimmer conditioner for hydrating your hair for a long time.
  • Ammonia free hair dye.
  • Never dull or flat.

What could be better:-

  • Extra bright color isn’t suitable for everyone.

2. Arctic Fox Hair Dye

This hair dye from Arctic fox is formulated to create a beautiful and vibrant hair color without any negative effect on your hair. This hair dye is made with high-quality vegan ingredients.

Features at a Glance:-

  • No harmful chemicals.
  • Made with vegan ingredients.
  • It will restore vibrancy to your hair.

What we like:-

  • Gentle for frequent use.
  • No negative impact on the hair.
  • No ammonia or peroxide used.

What could be better:-

  • This hair dye is semi-permanent.

3. L’Oreal Paris Hair Color. (natural brown)

The long-lasting hair dye from L’Oreal Paris is well known for its fade-defying and shine system. Its supreme conditioning treatment will preserve the natural state of your hair.

Features at a Glance:

  • Expertly crafted for you.
  • Long lasting hair color.
  • Luminous hair color.

What we like:

  • Fade-defying color.
  • Hair dye with shine system.
  • Available in 50 luminous shades.

What could be better:

  • Not so much friendly on your scalp.

4. Garnier Hair Color

Hair color from Garnier has a wide variety of shades to give you the extended choice of hair color.

Features at a Glance:-

  • Oil powered permanent color.
  • Visible healthier hair.
  • Brilliant color.

What we like:-

  • 60% oil blends with natural flower oil.
  • Long lasting color.
  • 100% gray coverage.

What could be better:-

  • This hair dye could be hypoallergenic.

5. Jerome Russell Hair Color

Use color on bleached or chemically treated hair is a challenge. But with this hair color, it is a no more a difficult task.

Feature at a Glance:-

  • Cream from of hair color.
  • Smooth and vivid hair.
  • Semi-permanent.

What we like:-

  • Semi-permanent hair color.
  • Conditioning cream.
  • Intense hair color.

What could be better:-

  • This hair color could be permanent.

How do we pick?

  • Chemical composition: we pick the best hair dye with a safe chemical composition.

Color lasting period:-

  • A long-lasting color is important to maintain a style. So we picked some hair dye with long-lasting color.

No negative impact:-

  • You use a hair dye as a part of your styling. But if it has a negative side effect on your hair, then it will weaken your hair. The hair dye we pick has almost zero negative impact on your hair.
How we tested the best hair dye?
  • Color shades:-We tasted that the color shade is all okay for you. we have seen that the color shade of a hair dye isn’t what it should be. That’s why we tasted it.
  • Using process:-As we live in the modern age, the hair color has to be fast and effective. So we tested that the hair color is fast enough to use on your hair.
  • Lasting period:-The lasting period may change the other things like color shade or use process. So we tested and pick some hair dye from both semi-permanent and permanent class.
  • Final verdict:-We all are human. We make mistakes. While making this review, we tried our level best to avoid any mistake. This review is supposed to help you to find a perfect hair dye.

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