Best Kitchen Organizer Review 2018

A kitchen is a place where you cook foods for your family. If the kitchen gets dirty, your family doesn’t get healthy food. A messy kitchen is not clean. Dirt & spill everywhere! That is a perfect condition to grow bacteria’s in your kitchen. So organize your kitchen. Keep it clean. Neat & clean kitchen helps you to serve hygiene food for your family. There are literally hundreds of components in a kitchen. cans of different sizes, food prep container with different shapes. These things need different space to store. You can’t keep all the item in a place. Some cans have to keep airtight & above from the ground while some cans could be kept on the floor. So different items need different spaces. A kitchen organizer is a type of furniture that helps you to organize your kitchen items in a disciplined way. There is kitchen organizer with different designs & convenience. Some have 2 sliding drawers or some don’t have any drawers. When you want to pick one kitchen organizer you consider the needs of your kitchen. But it’ll take a long time to choose from hundreds of models. So to save your time & energy, we’ve made this review to help you find the perfect kitchen organizer for you. We reviewed some best kitchen organizer. Here are top 5 best kitchen organizer. Let’s have a look!

Comparison Table of Best Kitchen Organizer

SimleHouseware Stackable Can Organizer

Product Dimensions

13.5 x 17 x 13.5 inches

Item Weight

4.7 pounds

Deco Brothers Expendable Kitchen Organizer

Product Dimensions

13.8 x 9.2 x 6.2 inches

Item Weight

2.6 pounds

Simple House ware 2 tier, drawer organizer

Product Dimensions

16.8 x 11 x 12 inches

Item Weight

5.5 pounds

1. SimleHouseware Stackable Can Organizer

Cans are most difficult to store. This can organizer helps you to store cans in a smart way. Stack able design makes it more flexible to your different demands. Adjustable plastic dividers help you to organize different cans, jars & beverage cans.


  • Sturdy construction.
  • The chrome finish makes its rust resistance.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Can hold up to 36 cans.
  • Cons:
  • ONLY suitable for storing cans.

2. Deco Brothers Expendable Kitchen Organizer

What if your organizer can stretch its length from 13.75 to 26 inches when you need more space? It's not an imagination. This kitchen organizer by Deco Brothers is expendable. Made of heavy-duty steel makes it more durable.


  • Elegant perforated design.
  • Expendable from 13.75 to 26 inches.
  • Stack able
  • Could be a smart decor for your kitchen counter top.
  • Cons:
  • NO holding brackets make it less safe to store glass cans or jars.

3. Simple House ware 2 tier, drawer organizer

This stackable organizer saves your kitchen space but when you need more space you just open the folded tiers & keep your kitchen supplies. 2 drawers give you complete access to the organizer even in a narrow space. It does not need any drill or hammer. Just simple hand assemblies do the job.


  • Stackable.
  • There are actually 4 layers of storage space.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Elegant chrome finish.
  • Cons:
  • NOT suitable for store heavy kitchen cans.
4. Brightmaison Kitchen Pot Holder

In a kitchen, pot or plates have to organize carefully because they are the most vulnerable kitchen utensils. To keep the surface scratch free, pots or plates have to store in a vertical position. This pot holder holds pots or plates vertically. Easy customization can meet any kitchen demands.


  • Durable stainless steel construction.
  • Customize length adjustment.
  • Rubber bampers to protect delicate surface.
  • Place anywhere in the kitchen. In the cabinet or on the countertop, you name it!
    • Cons:
    • Can’t save the pots from dust.
5. Cuisine ware Utensil Organizer

A can opener or bottle opener can be lost easily for its small nature. To keep this little essential kitchen utensils safe & within the reach of your hand, you have to use Cuisineware kitchen utensil organizer. This organizer is made of bamboo which can be a classic addition to your kitchen.


  • Durable & strong.
  • Can hold 12 pieces of utensils.
  • Specially designed dividers help to pick up steel kitchenware.
  • Made of seasoned wood & bamboo.
  • Easy cleaning just with a piece of cloth.
  • Cons:
  • This organizer is only for kitchen utensils, not for pots or plates.


A kitchen is a place where you spend a significant time. So to organize your kitchen, you should pick up the best kitchen organizer which suits your kitchen types. We made this review to help you find the best organizer for your kitchen. If this review helps you, our efforts will not go in vain. Keep organized!


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