Best Mops for Hardwood Floors Review and Buying Guide Updated 2018

We live in the house from the end of cave age. Before that mankind used natural caves as shelter. These natural shelters didn’t have a floor that can be cleaned or taken care of. It was always full of dust and dirt because it’s meant to be like that. But as soon as we started to live in houses that were made by men, we feel that the house should be cleaned in a systematic manner. But the floor is the most stubborn element that is not easy to keep clean. No matter how careful you’re to keep it clean, it will successfully fail you. From the early ages, human used date-tree branches to clean the floor. The soft and tiny fiber was perfect to clean dust and dirt. It was very efficient to clean the floor. But as we live in the modern age, we can’t use simply date-tree branches to clean our floor. Now we use mop instead. The mop is just an updated version of date-tree branches. It is a stick with some clothes attached on one edge. These clothes work as a rug on the floor and clean it properly. The mop system can use plain water or soup to clean the floor. There is so many mop system available for you to pick. But we decided to review some best mops so that it will easy for you to pick one.

Comparison Table of Best Mops for Hardwood Floors

O-Cedar Floor Cleaning System

Product Dimensions

19.5 x 11.7 x 11.5 inches

Item Weight

5.38 pounds

Microfiber Wholesale 18” Professional Mop

Product Dimensions

41.2 x 7.5 x 1.8 inches

Item Weight

4.65 pounds

Twist and Shout Push Spin Mop

Product Dimensions

17 x 12 x 12 inches

Item Weight

5 pounds

Here is the top 5 best mops

1. O-Cedar Floor Cleaning System

This microfiber mop with a bucket is not just a mop. It is a floor cleaning system. Now it is easy to clean your floor with this complete cleaning system.

Features at a Glance:-

  • Hands-free wringing.
  • Easy control water release.
  • Splash guard to keep splash.

What we like:-

  • Flexible mop head.
  • Easy to reach in the corner.
  • Deep cleaning microfiber.

What could be better:-

  • This mop is only compatible with an Easywringing refill.

2. Microfiber Wholesale 18” Professional Mop

This mop with professional grade has an incredible way of performing. Made of industrial grade material, this mop is built to last. Washable mop heads make it more convenient.

Features at a Glance:-

  • Deep clean microfiber.
  •  Adjustable mop handle.
  • Rectangular mop frame.

What we like:-

  • Washable mop heads.
  • Heavy duty aluminum mop frame.
  • Microfiber dust mop cleans deeply.

What could be better:-

  • This mop doesn’t have any bucket.

3. Twist and Shout Push Spin Mop

this mop has a bucket that can be wringing the mop head easily. Strong and sturdy materials make it ideal for you. just follow the rhythm of push&spin!

Features at a Glance:-

  • Easy self-wringing.
  • Flexible swivel head.
  • High absorbent microfiber.

What we like:-

  • Lightweight bucket.
  • Telescopic handle.
  • The mop head will spin with a simple push of the handle.

What could be better:-

  • This mop should have padel for wringing.

4. Mopnado Rolling Spin Mop

Bucket with a wheel! Mopnado presents this unique mop with a sturdy rolling bucket. Now you can take the bucket with you by a simple push from your toe. It will prevent the dripping.

Features at a Glance:-

  • 14” mop heads.
  • 47”-56” adjustable handle.
  • Soup dispenser included.

What we like:-

  • Easy use.
  • Mop bucket with wheels.

What could be better:-

  • It doesn't have a wringing padel.

5. Light ‘N’ Easy Steam Mop

With a traditional mop, you have to wring the mop head time to time. To ease your life, this mop runs on steam. No job will tough for this steam mop.

Features at a Glance:-

  • Anti-bacterial.
  • 30 seconds steam ready.
  • Lightweight.

What we like:-

  • Easy operation.
  • Perfect for a tough job.
  • Fewer efforts.

What could be better:-

  • This steam mop needs electric power. Which makes it less safe.

How do we pick?

  • Weight:- mop is a tool that needs to use by hand. So while we are searching for the best mop, we emphasize on the lightweight feature of a mop. All of our mops is lightweight with maximum convenience.
  • Mop head:- mop head is the part that cleans the floor. High absorbent mop heads are best for this purpose. We picked the mop system with best mop heads so that you can get the cleaner floor all the time.
  • Wringing:- the mop needs to wring time to time to get a clean floor. If your mop doesn’t have the proper wringing kit, you have to use your hands. It is disgusting to touch the dirty mop head. We picked the mop with minimum wringing capability.
How do we test the best mop?
  • Absorbency:- we tested the absorbency of the mop head. Because this is the factor that can change the performance of the mop system.
  • Reach in every corner:- if your mop system can’t reach in each corner, it can’t be a good mop. So we tested whether the mop reaches in each and every corner to give you best results.
  • Handle:- the handle is the part that is held while using the mop. So we tried to pick some mop system for you that has a comfortable handle. Moreover, we tested the adjustable handles of the mop.

Final verdict:- we make this review to help you pick the right mop for your house. We tested them to find out if they are perfect for you. we hope this review can help you while you are going to pick a mop for you.


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