THE Best Toilet Paper 2020

A toilet is incomplete without a roll of toilet paper. Because you have to wipe it out after cleaning it with water. We use toilet paper of different kinds. We got the toilet every day. So we want to stick to the affordable toilet tissue. And we want the toilet paper is efficient and save to use. There is a fact with toilet paper. That is sewer friendly or safe to use with the septic system. Basically, most of the companies don't produce septic system friendly toilet tissue. But nowadays some companies make sewer proof toilet papers. Softness is a quality for toilet papers. Because you don’t want to wipe your butt with something harsh. Do you? Toilet papers made of various layers of tissue. Some company put 2 layers of tissue in their toilet paper. While some company put 3 or more layers to make it thicker. Toilet paper has to be biodegradable because of growing concern about the environment. Confused enough? Don’t be. We are here to help. We picked some best toilet papers for you. Here is top 5 toilet paper.

Comparison Table of Best #Toilet Paper

Quilted Northen Toilet Paper

Angel Soft Toilet Paper

Cottonelle Big Roll Toilet Paper

1. Quilted Northen Toilet Paper

This septic friendly tissue is not going to damage your sewer system and you don’t have to fight with a clogged toilet. Soft and smooth toilet tissue is ideal for everyone.


  • 3 silky layers.
  • A blend of softness and strength.
  • Flushable.
  • Safe for standard septic and sewer system.
  • Cons:
  • Too thick for regular use.

2. Angel Soft Toilet Paper

This toilet paper is extra strong and extra soft at a time. It is perfect to take care of the baby. This tissue bracks down easily and flashable. It is safe to use with the septic system.


  • Sewer and septic safe.
  • Ultra soft and extra strong.
  • Flashable.
  • Cons:
  • Too big rolls are going to fit in every tissue holder.

3. Cottonelle Big Roll Toilet Paper

Cottonelle presents most absorbent and thickest toilet paper available. This toilet paper is ideal for daily use.


  • CleanTriple texture.
  • 3x more absorbent.
  • Thicker and stronger.
  • Safe for septic and sewer.
  • Cons:
  • Too thick toilet paper might cause difficulties to the sewer system.

4. Scott Tissue Toilet Paper

With no cardboard tube, this toilet paper is giving you exactly what you want. This coreless toilet tissue is easy to use and gives you cushiony soft touch.


  • Tubeless tissue.
  • Safe for sewer and septic.
  • Sustainability from soil to shelf.
  • Cons:
  • Coreless tissue roll leaves a mass in the washroom.

5. Cottonelle Bath and Toilet Tissue

3 layer tissue gets you cleaned every time. This is CleanTriple technology to deal with washroom use. Now you can complete your bathroom routine with this tissue.


  • Stronger and thicker.
  • More absorbent.
  • Deeper cleaning.
  • Cons:
  • More of a bath tissue than a toilet tissue.


This review is about toilet tissue. We tried o help you find what you are looking for. But you know better than anyone what you needed most. We will be delighted if you find the review helpful.


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