How to Contour with Powder for Beginners?

Women are loved to take makeover. They do it because they love it. They love the admiration and the beautiful look of the spectators. So they use various kinds of creams and ingredients to take makeover. Earlier in this century, women used different types of cosmetic from different pots and bottles. But all these bottles are difficult to carry on. These contour palettes have a high versatility to meet almost every requirement of women. Such as in palettes you can get face powder and concealer in one place. Some palettes have more than 10 colors to give you the best. We all know that women are much choosy than men. Creating the appearance of higher cheekbones and a slimmer nose and chin, contouring your face helps define your features. It's a technique that was popularized by celebrity makeup artists, but with the right products and equipment, it's easy to do all by you in your home. Remember to blend well for a flawless, natural look, once you use your contouring makeup.

How to Contour with Powder for Beginners?


Choosing the right shade:-

Do you know what the key to taking a perfect contouring makeup is? Choosing the right shade and texture is the key to take a flawless contouring makeup. Your contouring product shouldn’t be more than two colors deeper than your complexion. Or else it will ruin your natural look. If your skin is light to deep, go for taupe and grayish browns. Darker skin tones need warmer, cognac colors. You can try a powder for a polished look. Contouring powders are sheerer and also ideal for the shiny skin. How to contour with powder the best way? You can dust on a translucent powder, and then apply the color. This will prevent it from sticking to the natural oils in your skin.

Step:- 02

Avoid contouring everything:-

You don't have to sculpt your entire face. You can go a long way with a little contouring makeup. Focus on your cheeks, forehead, nose and jawline. These parts are the most focused part of your face. You can use the contouring product of your choice. You can try your cheek hollows. Start from the middle of your ear and move toward the corner of your mouth, stopping mid-cheek. Shade additional features based on your goals. If you have a less pronounced forehead, you can apply along your hairline and temples. A more sculpted jawline with buff under the chin, or a slimmer nose. This contouring won't magically change the shape of your face, but it will add some definition that will change your confidence level.

Step:- 03

Avoid product with shimmer:-

If you are going to a red carpet with shining lights around you, you will try to add a sense of depth with matte taupe or cool browns that absorb light. Because light absorbing makeup will give you a perfect look under those shining lights. As the shimmer reflects light, it will do the opposite of the desired effect. You should save the shimmer for your highlighter.

Step:- 04


In this step, placement is everything. You should concentrate a shimmery gold highlighter. You can choose one that's the same texture as cream, liquid, or powder as your contour. Apply this underneath your eyes and on top of your cheekbones to brighten the complexion and add just enough sheen. If you're not exactly sure where you should use highlighter, use the foolproof trick. Smile with your mouth closed and apply highlighter on the area where your cheeks puff up. Then diffuse the formula up slightly toward your eyes.

Final Verdict:- contouring your face in your own dressing room needs appropriate equipment and most importantly, it needs your concentration. We try to make it simple for you.


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