Hair is a normal element of styling. Especially for the women, hair is the priced procession. They are doing various style with their hair. We all know that women are very choosy about their appearance. Most of the time they are not satisfied with their hair color. Women with black hair want brown hair while women with brown hair want black. It's like a riddle you can’t solve. But there is always been an answer for everything. If you don’t like your hair color, you can use hair dye to color your hair. But hair dye has minimum side effects. So the solution is hair extension. From the medieval ages, women are using hair extension what is popularly known as “Wig”. These hair extensions are the solution for your favorite hair color. If you want to maintain long hair like the princess, it will be a hard work for you. your long beautiful hair needs your concentration. This is a point where hair extensions can help you. these artificial hair need minimum concentration. It is very easy to take care of these hair extensions. There are a lot of hair extension available!

What is a hair extension?

Natual hair is a blessing to both men and women. It covers the skull and gives us a fair look. Without hair, it looks like a barren land. Hair is a great styling element. Making a hairstyle is a great way to introduce your own style. Someone can style their hair anyhow they want. But some people aren’t happy with their natural hair. Sometimes it is about the hair color or hair. For example, someone wants curly hair but he/she has naturally straight hair. They can easily use hair extension. The hair extension is a type of human or artificial hair that used to integrate with someone's natural hair. Most of time hair extension is called “Wig” or “hair weave”. A wig or hair weave can alter/change someone’s appearance for a limited period of time. Weaving or additional hair can change someone’s hair length by giving them an extra length.

How to Put in Hair Extensions?

There is a fundamental way of put in a hair extension. We tried to discuss the put in process of a hair extension. Let’s get started!

Step:- 01

Choose the right hair extension:- not everyone's hair is suitable for every hair extension type. You have to choose the hair extension carefully. There is some you should consider before you choosing a hair extension for your own hair. 1st of all you should consider the material. There are synthetic and natural hair extensions available for you. Natural hair has the same texture like the natural hair in your head. You can deceive anyone with a natural hair extension. But there is some problem with the natural hair extension. It will easily get tangled. It is not long lasting. You have to take a regular care of your natural hair extension. Then there is synthetic hair extension with a less texture of natural hair but it looks shinier than the natural hair extensions. It also needs less maintenance. the 2nd fact is the attachment system. There is some hair extension which uses clip-in attachment while some wig has tape attachment. We suggest you to use clip-in hair extensions as they are easy to use and you can use them more than once.

Step:- 02

Put in clip-in hair extension:- when you want to put in clip-in hair extension, you should follow these steps. Firstly, divide your hair into two section: upper and lower section. Just pull the all hair on the top of your head, it’ll be your upper section. Leave a thin section of hair down against your neck, it’ll be your lower section. Take a back-comb and rat your hair at the roots. Now take the hair extension and simply clip it to the roots. Let the upper section come down and set your hair with a comb. Now you put on your hair extension!

Step:- 03

Take care of hair extension:- your hair extension needs care like your own hair. Regularly brush your hair just make sure that you don’t brush it too close to the scalp. Use a very gentle touch. Don’t tug, scrub or rub your hair. You have to do the put in again after 6 to 8 weeks.

Final Verdict:- we made this article to discuss the process of put in the hair extension. We hope it will help you to put the hair extension.


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