The mice is a very dangerous rodent in the animal kingdom. With an extraordinary flexible skeleton, the mice can fit in a very tiny space like no other species. Comes from Animalia kingdom, the mice are the most destructive rodent in the earth’s ecosystem. Mice are the cause of the intensive damage of corp. It will damage a structure by digging a network of holes beneath it. River embankment or irrigation system faces a credible threat of being damaged by mice. Suppose you built an embankment and mice dug thousands of holes beneath it! You can say goodbye to your embankment. The mice damage billions of dollar worth of corp every year around the world. This is the financial damage. But mice can cause an epidemic. It spreads diseases through their parasites and feces. Mice carry the virus of plague and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS). To avoid the damage and the disease, human civilization fought with the mice for a very long time. They used poison, smoke, trap, and dogs to kill or suppress the population of mice. But among these technics, a mouse trap is the safest and effective way to catch and kill a mouse. There are a lot of mouse trap with different functionality. Some trap in old-fashioned and just kill the mice in a brutal way. But less inhuman mouse trap use electric current to paralyze the mouse and caught it.

What is a mousetrap?

The trap is the oldest way of hunting. It was developed before the bow and arrow were invented. A trap is designed to catch the animal alive. But sometimes it is designed to kill the animal instantly. A bait is used to lure the animal into the trap. A mousetrap is the smallest version of the trap that used to catch the mice. However, it is used to catch another rodent too. A mousetrap is set indoor where suspected rodent activity is located earlier.

How to Set Mouse Traps?

Most of the mousetrap is so easy to set up. Just put the bait, cock the trap and wait! But you have to cautious if you are dealing with a spring mousetrap. A spring trap has to handle with care if you have kids around. Let’s discuss the process of setting a mousetrap.

Step:- 01

Getting a mousetrap for your house:-

As there are a lot of mousetraps, you have to pick the right mousetrap for your house. The old-fashioned trap is easy to use but mostly they are inhuman and more exposed. The modern trap is more conceal and a little bit hard to set. Just go to the shop and pick a mousetrap suit with your house type. Read the user manual carefully.

Step:- 02

Selecting the bait:-

Every trap needs a bait. Some traps used bait scent. But most of the trap use real bait. Cheese or a piece of meat will be a perfect bait for a mousetrap. the strong scent of cheese will definitely lure the mice into the trap.

Step:- 03

Positioning the trap:- there is some particular place where mice are getting close to. You have to find a regular path of the mice so that you could put the trap into a right place. Positioning is very important. Remember, the mouse is an intelligent rodent with following instinct. They prefer to follow the path. Put the trap on the path.

Step:- 04

Set the trap:-

After finding a sweet spot, you have to set the trap. Be careful! The mousetrap is designed to kill the mice. The trap with spring is very dangerous. It will be a cause of danger if you have kids around. Set the trap and wait for that little rascal.

Step:- 05

Dispose the mouse and clean the trap:- there will be a lot of mouse in a single house. So, dispose of the mice as early as possible. Don’t let your children touch the mice. They are a carrier of germs and diseases. Take a plastic bag, keep the mouse inside it and dispose of it. After disposing of the mice, clean the trap for further use.

Final verdict:- we make this article to discuss the simple process of setting a mousetrap. we tried to keep it very simple for you.


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