Hair is the hardest thing to maintain. You can’t keep a curly hair without gets tangled. There is no way of keeping your hair straight. It will get curly and tangled all by itself. It is the nature of human hair. But you like straight hair most. Before the hair iron or hair straightener is invented, women used oil and other natural condition to keep their hair straight and steady. But this process wasn’t last long. After a period of short time, the hair was tangled again. But women need a permanent or long-lasting solution. So the hair straightener comes into action. This brush has a unique way to straighten your hair. It used electric current to literally iron your hair. It straightens your hair for a long period of time.

What is a hair straightener?

The hair straightener is a styling tool to change the shape of the hair by using heat. It is using heat to make your hair straight. Mostly these devices are called hair iron. There are mainly 3 types of hair iron: flat iron, curling iron and crimping iron. The flat iron is used to simply straighten the hair, the curling iron used make curl of your hair, and the crimping iron is used to create crimps in the hair. Among all these types, the flat iron is famous. For modern women, a hair straightener is a useful tool.There are some basic roles of using a hair straightener. Let’s have a look!

How to Use Hair Straighteners?

You use a hair straightener to straighten your hair for further styling. The straightening process is a careful one which demands your maximum attention. We tried to discuss the process of hair straightening with a hair straightener.

Step:- 01

Wash your hair:- before you use a hair straightener on your hair, wash your hair with shampoo and also with a conditioner. If you have a curly hair, choose a conditioner with high moisture features. Cleanness is mandatory. If you don’t wash your hair before using a hair straightener, the straightening is not effective.

Step:- 02

Dry your hair:- make sure that you dry your hair before using the hair straightener on your hair. Please use the hair straightener on well dried and finely combed hair. Otherwise, you will damage your scalp and ruin your hair structure. Use a blow dryer to dry your hair after washing.

Step:- 03

Use heat protectant:- use some heat protectant on your wet and dry it naturally. These lubricants will protect your hair and enhance performance.

Step:- 04

Prepare the hair straightener:-Connect the brush/hair iron with the power source. Make sure that you secure the connection. Adjust the heat setting and turn on the device. Put the device to pre-heat, it will take 10-20 seconds. After the pre-heat period, check the heat if it is okay with your hair.

Step:- 05

Use the hair straightener:- split your hair into some small sections. Use pins to keep the sections in place. Now take the hair straightener and start iron it with one section at a time. The ironing is depended on your styling. It also depends on the thickness, length, fuzziness, and structure of your hair. Do not keep the brush in one position for 2-3 seconds. If you have a brush type straightener, just comb your hair with top to bottom manner to get straight and set hair.

Final Verdict:- we discuss the basic process of getting a straight and set hair. This process may vary from person to person. But these are the basic steps to use a hair straightener.


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Gwenda Steiger - May 21, 2018

Exactly interesting. Believe it or not, my sister’s salon (http://bellartesalon.com) would want to read this. Thanks!

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