Women are in love with the curly hair. They just crazy about the curly hair. They literally do anything to get curly hair. Normally heat iron is used to curl the hair. The iron is called hair straightener, but they do the opposite of their name. they curl the hair in an efficient way. But these hair irons have some side effects like they damage the hair and increases the possibility of hair fall. But women need a dependable way of curling their hair. The hot rollers can be the solution. It is a set of rolls that heated up and used to curl the hair. In this article, we decided to review some best hot rollers for you.

What is a Hot Roller?

A hot roller is a small tube that is rolled into a person's hair in order to curl it. It also used to straighten curly hair, or making a new hairstyle. A hot roller is designed to be heated in an electric chamber before someone rolls it into her hair. Hot rollers also are known as hair rollers or hair curlers. Basically, it is used as a long-lasting process to curl or straighten the hair.

How to Use Hot Rollers?

There are some basic steps of using a hot roller. We tried to discuss them in brief. Let’s get started.

Step:- 01

Heating up the rollers:-Before you start using the hot rollers, you should put the rollers in the chamber and set the temperature. Thus you can heat up the rollers. This will reduce the overall time and also help you to adjust the temperature if needed.

Step:- 02

Divide the hair into small sections:- While you put the rollers to heat up, you should divide your dry hair into four large sections, one over each ear, one in the back and one on top. Use hair clips to keep the sections in place. Separate the top section into three parts. Each part is about one and a half inches wide. Now hold the one nearest to your hairline and pull it straight up. Place a hot roller under the hair a few inches from the ends.

Step:- 03

Place the roller in your head:- Take a roller in your hands, leave the ends out. Now keeping the hair pulled tautly, start rolling away from your face. After two full rotations, tuck the loose ends around the roller and then continue rolling to your scalp. Place the clip on the roller to secure it. This process will tighten up the hairs around the roller.

Step:- 04

Repeat the process to cover the whole head:- Repeat the process to cover the whole head. First, use two more rollers in the top section of your head. Always rolling away from your face. Actually how many rollers do you need in one section is totally depends on your hairstyle. Don’t forget to make a horizontal part in the middle of one of the side sections and roll the remaining hairs in a systematic manner.

Step:- 05

Remove the rollers:- Leave the rollers to cold for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, unroll them one at a time. starting to unroll them at the back of the head and moving forward. Once they're all removed from your head, run your fingers through your hair to loosen the waves. Don't ever use a brush! It will destroy the definition of the waves. Use a light spray to mist your hair, it will help you to maintain your newfound bounce all day long.

Final Verdict:- we tried to keep it simple and easy for you. There is some step you could alter on the basis of your demands. After all, we are talking about your hair! Hot Roller


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