how to use hair clipper?

Hair Clipper is a men’s device. Getting tired of going to the barber only to let him mess up your hair? If you want to take things into your own hands, you’ll need a clipper of your own. but. So you’ll be needing something a bit better than standard hair clipper. Just a few days ago I realized that I should just get good black hair clippers and after some initial training and experimenting with my hair, I have finally got used to it. I have to say that the time I invested is no went in vain. I definitely have paid back as my calculations and rough estimates show that I have saved loads of cash. Because I need to go to my barber once or twice a month in order to have a presentable and fashionable fade. So I want you to have your own clipper to maintain your fades. But there are some things to consider before having a clipper of your own. You have to find a skin-friendly clipper that won’t create any irritation to your skin. And also you have to look into the weight and grip to ensure easy handling. Nervous enough? Don’t worry! We are here for the salvation. This review is about the best clipper for the black hair. We’ll not pick anything that let you down when you need them most. Imagine how embarrassing it is to go and fix your hair after you took a failed attempt to do it all by yourself! In this review, you’ll find the hair clipper with reliable qualities. We cover all fields that have to be covered. So you don’t have to waste your valuable time and energy to try to find a perfect clipper for your black hair.

What is a hair clipper?

A hair clipper is a men’s fashion appliance with a rotary motor and some brush with different sizes. The clipper is basically a mechanical sensor with different options. A hair clipper is a used to get bread trimming. It also used to get a fast and precise haircut. A hair clipper is an essential gadget. But it needs minimum skill to operate it. In this article, we’ll discuss the process of getting a haircut with a clipper.

How To Use Hair Clippers?

The clipper allows you to cut your own hair. It makes you independent and self-reliable. But there are some basic steps to be followed while you are trying to get a haircut with a clipper. Let’s have a look!

Step:- 01

Assemble your clipper:- the clipper may be dismantled for storing purpose. You have to reassemble the clipper. Put every piece in place. And don’t forget to oil the clipper. Oil the moving parts and the blades. Wipe the excess oil out to reduce the possibility of getting your hair stuck in the blades.

Step:- 02

Find the perfect comb:- the clipper must have some comb to give a variety of length. The comb set is numbered like #01 is the shortest length and #04 is the longest length. Now you have to select the comb size depends on your desired hairstyle. Select the right comb from the attached comb set. Your desired hairstyle will need a series of combs for different parts of the head. Try to select the comb with caution.

Step:- 03

Cover your neck and body:- the stray hair can cause a big problem. So to prevent the unexpected situation. Take a piece of cloth and cover your upper body with it. It will prevent the stray hair from falling into your body.

Step:- 04

Start with the neckline:- turn on the device and start with the neckline. The neckline is a troubled area that is very difficult to be dealing with. First, start with the neck then clear the sides burns also. The area right above the ear is a crucial part. Concentrate and clear the area.

Step:- 05

Concentrate on the upper hair:- once you clear the neckline which is the most difficult part of your head, now you can concentrate on the upper hairs. Select a medium sized comb which is included in the device.

Step:- 06

Clean the leftover:-To reveal any odd-hairs, you have to brush your hair from opposite direction. By using hairdressing scissors you can cut these down. If you’re happy with the length of each section of hair then use an electric razor to neaten up the edges. Shave off the end of the sideburns and around the neck hairline to round off the haircut. In the end, add hair product and style in your preferred way.

You should make sure that you remove all remains from the clipper after every single cut. Hair and hair debris will ruin your clipper blade's sharpness and will reduce the quality of your cuts. It is not necessary that you do it after every cut, you should clean the blades from time to time. As you are going to cut pretty close and there's contact with your skin, you should disinfect your blades at least twice per month. Most clippers come with a small tube of clipper oil which. is a good thing and a tiny brush included in the set. These things will help you to take a good care of your clipper. The clipper is a device that will come handy in various ways. But you should take a good care of it. If you keep your clipper up and running, you will get a neat and clean cut in every attempt. And try to use it single-handedly to avoid the spread of any infectious disease.

Final Verdict:- the article is about the steps of getting a perfect haircut all by yourself. We tried to keep it simple for you. we hope this will help you to understand the use of a clipper to get a haircut. Keep it set!


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