What is a knife?

Do you know you use a kitchen appliance that is a weapon and also an important tool? Don’t know! Ok, let me tell you, in the kitchen, you use a knife and it is a weapon too. You all know that our ancestors lived in the cave. They can’t even build their shelter, grow their food or cook anything. They lived in the natural cave, eat whatever they can manage. But thanks to the evolution, gradually they learnt to build, hunt and cook. The discovery which made a big difference is a discovery of “fire”. It made them capable of doing more than just eat, sleep and hunt. The fire brought a feeling of safety to them. With fire, the dark night was no longer a taboo to them. It also allowed them to cook food rather than eat them raw. It also leads them toward many more new discoveries. Such as the discovery of fire paved the way of inventing metal utensils. Metal was another discovery which curved the future of mankind. And metal is the only way of making a durable knife. Primarily, the knife was a defensive weapon. Gradually it became an offensive weapon. And there a lot of usage of the knife rather than defends or attacks people. Another important use of a knife is in the kitchen. You’ll be neutralized in the kitchen without a knife. You obviously need a knife in the kitchen. There a lot of varieties of knife available in the kitchen. You may have a special knife for any job in the kitchen. Chef Best knive is one of them. Today we’ll discuss the process of choosing a chef knife.

Let’s get started!

How to Choose a Chef Knife?

What does think a young cook's training begins with? He will start with a good knife. It is her first and most important piece of equipment for as long as she cooks. She is trained to keep it sharp, keep it clean and keep it protected, so she can count on it to perform well. We like to think of cooking as an art, and it can be that, after some time. But first, it begins as a trade and the knife is your primary tool. There are lots of people will go through their life never experiencing the feel of a great effortless and precise chef's knife. But for those who are lifelong cooks, great knives are just a matter of time and once you've used one, there is no going back. You should patch up with the knife. Your knives, particularly your essential pieces to prepare food ingredient, should be an investment in your love of food and cooking. Quality knives have rewards. A knife set with better quality will provide you a safe, enjoyable performance every day and inspiration over a lifetime. And with the quality tool, your skills will grow using the right tools for the right jobs. We decided to talk about the chef knife. We’ll discuss the process of how to choose and what facts should be taken into consideration.

Things to consider:-

## Material:- the knife is the most important tool that a chef uses. The chef’s knife is the most versatile knife in the kitchen. If you have to buy one knife, make it a chef’s knife. As there are lots of things to consider, the first talk about the steel. There are mainly 2 types of metal used to forged chef’s knife: high carbon steel and stainless steel. Unlike stainless steel, the high carbon steel is vulnerable to rust and patina. But the advantage is high carbon steel is easier to resharpen. But stainless steel knife needs a special tool to sharp it. So if you are a carbon steel fan pick a carbon steel knife. But if you want an all-time fit knife, you should pick the stainless steel one!

## Comfort:- if we are talking about the knife, we definitely talk about the comfort. The comfort refers to qualities of the knife. These qualities can make a knife comfortable or less comfortable. Here are some of the issues related to the comfort:-

  • The shape of the blade:- the shape of the blade means if your blade thin or thick. The thin knife is suitable for most cutting works and it is lightweight. While the thick knife is better for heavy cutting work and it is naturally heavier.
  • Size of the blade:- the size of the blade can be shorter or longer. Shorter blade is ideal for less space and it has more control than a knife with a longer blade. The longer blade can cut at once but it is heavier.
  • Handle:- the handle can be hidden tang or full tang. Hidden tang knife has a balance point towards blade while full tang has its towards the handle.

## Durability:- the material determines the durability of the knife. High carbon streel knife is less durable than stainless steel. And full tang handle is stronger than hidden tang knife.

Final Verdict:- in this review, we want to discuss the basic things should be taken into the consideration. We hope you will find a best chef’s knife from this review!


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