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How to Use Dry Shampoo?

We are trying to wash off the dirt from the day mankind started to live in this world. Most probably you noticed that if you suddenly have anything dirty on your body, you want to wash it off or remove it from your body as soon as possible. It is a natural instinct.You body act […]

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How to use Beard Oil?

Beard becomes a fashion trend. It has been a fashion trend since the time of Abraham Lincoln. In a medieval era long, thick & well managed facial hair was considered as a sign of aristocracy & power of the men. This trend continued until the late 80’s. Then comes the era of the clean shaved […]

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How to DIY Your Own Hair?

From the early age, mankind uses color to decorate their faces or hairs. When they didn’t have the synthetic colors, they used natural colors from various plants/trees. But the science is continuously changing our life. Now we have synthetic color for a makeover. When we use color on our hair it called hair dye. Hair […]

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How to Contour with Powder for Beginners?

Women are loved to take makeover. They do it because they love it. They love the admiration and the beautiful look of the spectators. So they use various kinds of creams and ingredients to take makeover. Earlier in this century, women used different types of cosmetic from different pots and bottles. But all these bottles […]

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how to use hair clipper?

Hair Clipper is a men’s device. Getting tired of going to the barber only to let him mess up your hair? If you want to take things into your own hands, you’ll need a clipper of your own. but. So you’ll be needing something a bit better than standard hair clipper. Just a few days […]

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How to Use Eyelash Curler?

This article is about the process of using an eyelash curler. Naturally, females are kin to be in a beautiful makeover. Women also want that their eyes will cover with some eyelash. They will make their look changed only with the curled eyelashes. They will simply curl their eyelashes and boom! The outlook is completely […]

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How to use bedsheet?

The bed is the place where we rest after struggling on the outside. We expect our bed is soft and comfortable. Comfortable beds can give us a good night’s sleep. We tried our best to keep our bed comfortable for us and our family. There is a connection between comfortability and beauty. If your bed […]

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How to Repair Pressure Washers?

Cleaning the spaces like walkway or bench is time consuming and hard work. Because these places have a lot of holes that can trap a lot of dust and dirt. Simply water or soup solution isn’t enough to clean these places. You need something powerful with a lot of pressure to clean these places. A […]

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