How to Make Hand Creams?

Our hands are the most used body part of our body. We can show love, hate, respect, protest with our hands. Most importantly we can work with our hands. The very first work was done by bare hands. It was changed the tide of the history. We can build or destroy with our hands. But we often forget one thing that our hands should take care of. Our hands are the biggest strength we’ve got so far. We can make and change history with our hands. We can make ourselves a hero or a villain with our hands. But our hands are the most neglected part of our body. Because during the work our hands get injured and they get dry. When our hands get dry, it gets very uncomfortable. So we need to take care of our hands. But what can we use to apply on our hands? Normal creams are not suitable for hands because these creams have an essential oil that makes a slippery surface. So we need something to use in our dry hands. Hand cream is formulated to keep your hand skin health and heal any type of scar. When making hand cream, there are some things to consider like moisturizer components. You can make a hand cream from many components. First, we’ll discuss the process of making hand cream from coconut oil.

How to Make Hand Creams?

You can use coconut oil as a natural moisturizer. It is way better than any artificial component from a departmental store. But how you use it will become a game changer. According to the dermatologist, the fat molecules exist in the coconut oil are too large to infiltrate into the skin and it just sits there. As a result, you will miss the full benefits of the coconut oil. On the other hand, your skin is now oily enough to slip yourself through a 6” opening. It is great if you're going to rob the bank and need a quick escape. But it is not so great if you're trying to hold your squirmy naked baby. You can properly use coconut oil as a moisturizer if you can break down the fat molecules by whipping it with a regular kitchen mixer. After spending some time in the kitchen mixer, the oil will emulsify and turn to a creamy consistency making it easier to rub on skin. Another round of whipping and the coconut oil will into a soft cream. The soft cream will remain the softness and be pliable enough to scoop out. This cream will work remain the same even at lower temperatures. In other words, no more “Coconut Oil is Rock Solid” problem because I'm sure you've fallen victim to that dilemma as I have on numerous occasions.

This hand cream is best because of its all natural ingredient, the actual coconut oil. Everything else is totally optional. If you want you can add “Vitamin E” to keep it preserved longer and make it healthier for your skin. You can add all your favorite essential oils such as frankincense or lavender. These essential oils are feeling heavenly on hands. We prefer it without any essential oils. Because some of us have this weird habit of applying it to our lips at every use.

How much cream you will make is entirely up to you. You can make a small jar or make a large batch and distribute it amongst pretty individual containers like. It doesn't really matter because the process will be the same.

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You should consider these things before making hand cream:-

  • Ingredient:- the component you use will be the things that can change the performance of the hand cream. You will be using the hand cream to moisturize your palm. So we suggest you should use the well-known natural moisturizer or use safe artificial moisturizer.
  • Feel on the hand:- if the fat molecules is a so big to infiltrate into the skin, the cream will be in the palm and give you a disgusting oily feel always. So we suggest you use the ingredients that have smaller fat molecules.

Here is some helpful tip:-

You can also use a hand mixer to make coconut oil based hand cream. Use a standard hand mixer to mix the ingredient. If you have an allergic reaction to any oil, be advised please avoid the oil in the making process. Select the ingredient on the basis of your need and skin condition. It is better if you can consult with a dermatologist.

Final Verdict:- the described process of making hand cream is simply the basic one. We tried to make it easy for you. You can make hand cream out of this formula but you have to check on the other things too. Keep it simple all the way!


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